Souls Of Helsinki – #1

Souls Of Helsinki – #1

Hi & Welcome to a fine fin. This is my first post 🙂

I am so happy to be sharing things that I like, love, believe in or that make me think and I hope it will make you enjoy reading my blog in the future. I have created this post as the first part of a photo-series that I’d like to slowly build and continue in the future. With each of my posts I’d like to provide a song or playlist that I love or find suitable and hope it will make reading more fun heh.


It was a sunny afternoon on Oct. 3rd 2015 when just a week ago I reminded myself to take action with something I wanted to do ever since I came to Finland. I feel happy because I think this new blog is a great opportunity and platform to get it started and share this story with others.

So I went to pick up a camera from my friends place – thank you Anna for kindly borrowing it to me. I got up the next morning & took the train to Helsinki.

I went to buy a couple of my favourite gem stones – by chance a demonstration was happening arranged to protest against Racism in Helsinki and in support of welcoming refugees in Finland. I took a couple of photos, went past and continued my mission. Find an article with more info about the demo here:

I wanted to keep this first post short and let pictures speak for themselves however a few words were inevitable. The purpose of  doing this photo-series for me, is to connect and capture moments – each with a story. I loved every bit of my ‘work’ that day and left a gem stone with everyone willing to share a fracture of their life with me. I documented their story with a photo and a short capture. Streets were alive, sun was high and I went home with a pocket full of moments I will keep forever leaving behind a few stones and a smile ..or two.

In my next post I will explain why I’ve chosen to leave gem stones and why I will continue giving them away.

I have decided to start this first part of my series with a small number of photos & I hope you will enjoy it. ♥

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